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Lovely spacious farmhouse in enclosed fenced garden on working citrus farm.

Traditional Transvaal-style with wraparound stoep and large rooms. Near to Buffelspoort Dam, ideally situated for the many sports activities in the Magaliesberg area.
Korwe Farm is situated in a mixed nature/farming area, with large expanses of unspoiled bushveld.

Convenience store, bottle store, butchery and restaurant/pub can be found at the petrol station 5km away opposite the ATKV resort. There is a general dealer/grocer/hardware store a little further past at Karani (which includes a Mica hardware store), and larger shopping centre in Mooinooi 10km away with Spar and other shops.

Korwe Farm Country Guesthouse is Pet Friendly
Korwe Farm is pet friendly. Dogs can roam freely within the fenced area around the main house. They can run around anywhere else on the farm, but best kept on leads under supervision.

Note that bringing your dogs to the farm is at your risk, we cannot take any responsibility for what happens to them.

Activities on the farm

If you are a little outdoorsy, there is very nice walking around the farm. Past the horse stables and the thatch house, and up to the right through the fence to the fruit orchard... if it's the season, feel free to take some oranges, lemons, sweet limes and naartjies (just as many as you want to eat, not bagloads, please).

If you continue up the right side of the orchard there is a gate and track that heads up towards the plateau which has nice views out to the north (about 1-2km depending which route you take.)

The Buffelspoort Dam is nearby, where you can fish or do water activities (you need your own kit, as there is no entertainment centre). Many people from the city go there (or the nearby Omaramba resort) to camp.

In terms of animal interaction, there are the horses; there are also vervet monkeys and squirrels in the garden and around on the farm. There are also mongooses, meerkats and (occasionally) honey badgers, which are very shy, but if you see one don't approach, they're very fierce. There are also jackals, but are increasingly shy with encroaching human activity.

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